Profile – Stephen Cahyadi

Stephen Cahyadi – Piano Lecturer
Stephen Cahyadi is Musicorum senior piano lecturer and also the lead Suzuki Piano teacher in Indonesia. He began his piano studies at age 7, under the tutelage of Mrs. Laura Susanti Himawan, Mrs. Paula Tunggono, Mr. Soetarno
Soetikno, Mrs. Latifah Kodijat, and Mr. Wei Tsin Fu. He finished the Piano Performance and Music Pedagogy from Yayasan Pendidikan Musik Manggarai (YPM) Jakarta in 1985. He was an accompanist to Eliata Choir (1985-1996) and Jakarta Oratorio Society (1986-2010).
He has been a piano teacher for almost 35 years when he was first introduced to Suzuki Piano Method at the end of 2009. He has completed his Suzuki Piano training under Mrs. Carmencitta Arambulo. He believes that the Suzuki Method is an effective method for teaching beginner at young age, together with their character building.
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